Public Comments for: HB526 - Victims of human trafficking; eligibility for in-state tuition.
Last Name: Choate Locality: Henrico

Please oppose HB4. There is already a well documented school to prison pipeline. The educational setting offers the opportunity for counseling, remediation and restorative justice. Educators should continue to have the purview to address behaviors encountered in schools in these ways before committing students to legal processes for misdemeanor offenses. Please support HB128. At a time when we desperately need more educators, particularly from diverse backgrounds who can connect with a wide variety of demographics, the establishment of this scholarship program just makes good sense! Please support HB236. At a time when public education is under assault and educators are leaving the profession at an increasing rate, this flexibility to offer educators an extension of the time needed to complete recertification just makes good sense! Please support HB246 Please support HB294. Students who have suffered the types of events specified in this bill have legitimate concerns remaining in the environment where this occurred and should be able to secure assistance in attending another school in their district that provides a more secure environment. Please oppose HB363. While I support the concept of establishing an alternative method of using merit and performance to determine which employees may be retained and which dismissed when such events as RIF occur, I do not think it wise to prohibit the current practice until a suitable alternative has been determined. Please oppose HB433. Historically, the legislature legislating on the specifics of educational delivery and practice have resulted in more complication and obstacles. The specifics of curricula and testing should be left to those involved in the delivery of education. Please support HB485 Please support HB526. This is just the right thing to do for those who have come to reside in VA as a result of being the victim of human trafficking! Please support HB539. This is a minor and simple thing that institutions of higher ed can do to be fully trans parent to those individuals making application who have a criminal background!! Please support HB582. Today's college students need more assistance than ever in achieving a higher education, and making sure that they are aware of and have access to SNAP benefits that they may be entitled to is just a good idea!!

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Please report this bill out in support of those who are rebuilding their lives from human trafficking. Thank you for your consideration.

Last Name: Ameling Organization: Latisha's House Foundation Locality: Williamsburg, Virginia

Providing in-state tuition to women who have been victims of sex trafficking is so important. At Latisha's House we have paid for college and vocational education for years, knowing that providing an education and life-skills enable women to truly begin to change their lives and the lives of their children. Eliminating the year wait for in-state tuition will allow us to help our residents take more college classes in pursuing their dreams. We are a non-profit and have to raise funds to pay for college. If tuition is in-state, we will be able to assist more women with their dreams of debt-free college. Education and the ability to get a good job are cornerstones in seeing real change. Thank you for realizing and taking action. Victims of trafficking need to be empowered, not held back.

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Having known victims of trafficking, please make sure to help them back on the road to regular life by reporting this bill. Thank you.

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