Public Comments for: HB452 - Public school buses; display of advertising, hiring of school bus drivers.
Last Name: Ronco Organization: Prince William Education Association Locality: Dumfries

Dear Members of the Education - Early Child / Innovation Subcommittee, My name is Charles Ronco, and I speak in favor of HB452. As a public school teacher, I apologize that I cannot attend today's meeting either in person or via Zoom. Thank you for accepting my written comments. This bill was spawned from conversations with Prince William County Schools Administration and the Prince William Education Association. The ongoing school bus driver shortage has impacted every school system in the nation, and Virginia's public schools are no exception. Schools need to be able to compete with other commercial enterprises eager to fill their ranks with eligible drivers who have a CDL endorsement. Such drivers see advertisements on large rigs and other commercial vehicles for openings, and they know that there are jobs open for them to fill. Many people don't even know that school bus drivers are desperately needed. This bill would allow our schools to compete for vitally important human resources. Granted, this bill may not be a 'silver bullet' for this critical shortage, but it at least levels the playing field to allow school systems to inform and attract eligible employees into the workforce. Please help our public schools. Please vote in favor of HB452. Thank you, Charles Ronco Math Teacher Unity Reed High School Prince William County Public Schools

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