Public Comments for: HB333 - Public education; student education accounts.
Last Name: Willhite Locality: Clifton

Please vote no. Thank you.

Last Name: Crawley Locality: Ashburn, VA

Your bills regarding vouchers, and savings accounts are going to cost the public school system exponentially. Not only is this unethical, it is against what the Governor ran on (promises of NOT depleting public school spending). Our public schools are struggling to maintain staff and work under extraordinary circumstances, with these bills you are undermining what the public school system stands on. With students already struggling and facing deficits this would be catastrophic. Please DO NOT approve vouches.

Last Name: Welsher Locality: Loudoun

As has always been the case, if a parent doesn’t like something about public school, whether it be closure due to pandemic (and virtual option) that parent has the right to find a private school of choice and pay for that. This has never changed and should remain the case. Taking monies from public school only deteriorates schooling for those kids continuing there.

Last Name: Choate Locality: Henrico

Please oppose HB333. Local school boards are charged with the mission of delivering public education in their districts. Time and resources should not be spent administering savings plans for any purpose. Please pass HB649. The provisions of this bill would be real assets to students and families of the deaf and hard of hearing. Please oppose HB873. While improved school security is certainly a desirable goal, school districts should not be bound as to how best to achieve this in their districts. The disparity in funding across Virginia school districts means that many smaller, rural districts have severely limited funding sources and consequently should not be hampered with staffing micro-management that may not meet their needs. Further, other school districts may find that the presence of local law enforcement in their schools does more to create tension and erode trust than alternative security measures may depending on the dynamics within their population. Please oppose HB1024. The state and local school boards are in the business of providing a high quality education to ALL of its children. Neither the state nor local school boards should dilute funding from this mission by diverting tax resources toward the pursuit of private alternatives. If localities would not divert public safety funding to citizens who pursue private security services, why would they consider doing something similar for education? Please pass HB1179. Asian American, Pacific Islander, Latino, and Indigenous peoples are only marginally represented within social studies curricula. The establishment of an advisory committee to the executive branch in improving the representation of these populations can only be helpful in closing this gap.

Last Name: Homeschooling Parent Locality: Loudoun

Education vouchers are desperately needed in Virginia. We should not be punishing parents who wish to educate their children outside the public school system. Currently, Virginia is withholding state tax funds for purchasing curriculum to homeschooling children or for enrolling them in private schools. The public school system has been overrun with social justice warriors and liberal indoctrination instructors. Parents who do not want their children groomed to be the next generation of freedom-hating socialist-worshiping liberal mouthpieces have the right to be monetarily compensated. If the public school system insists on supplementing educational curriculum with social emotional learning and critical race theory, making children feel ashamed for the color of their skin or where their ancestors came from, the state has a moral obligation to provide vouchers and funding to parents who are against this type of abuse.

Last Name: Downey Organization: LEADK VA Locality: Hanover, VA

I respectfully ask that you support HB649. This legislation is vital to changing the devastating statistics regarding language deprivation among d/Deaf, DeafBlind and hard-of-hearing children. Having access to language, ensuring resources are provided for parents and tracking their language acquisition to measure their language acquisition from ages 0-5 against that of their hearing peers are all key components for kindergarten readiness and towards a happy, productive future. Thank you for you support and voting YES for HB649.

Last Name: VanDerhoff Locality: Springfield

I am writing to urge you to vote no on HB 201, HB 333, and HB 1024. These bills divert public money out of public schools and into charter and private schools. It is the state’s responsibility to ensure that our public schools are fully-funded. Please protect public school funding by voting no on these bills.

Last Name: Golino Locality: Sterling

I strongly disagree with diverting government funds into private schools.

Last Name: Lloyd Locality: South Riding

Stop trying to divert public school funding to private schools! We have one of the best school systems in the country, but certain politicians will look for any excuse to use public money to fund private religious schools. Not only does that directly oppose the founders’ intention of separation of church and state, but private schools are relatively unaccountable and can discriminate against certain students based on many factors including religion, economic background, and English language ability. Public funds should pay only for schools that are open to all children and accountable to the general public. Parents are welcome to choose to send their children to private religious schools, but that should not be subsidized by taxpayers.

Last Name: Smith Locality: Leesburg

Stop the assault on public schools! Stop trying to divert funds away from public education. Stop trying to crush morale in public education. Stop hurting trans children in public education. Stop failing students by teaching them a whitewashed version of the past. Stop using child-on-child rape as a tool for political gain. Stop banning books. Stop legislating curriculum, particularly events that never happened such as the Abe Lincoln-Frederick Douglass debates. We owe our children a fighting chance. We owe them a great education, which cannot happen without the truth being taught. Every child is better off when every child is set up for success.

Last Name: Bean Locality: South Riding

Another attempt to take government funds away from public schooling and funnel them to religious and private schools. Government does not exist for the rich to steal from the poor. Just stop. Our public schools are our best investment in building adults who can contribute meaningfully to society. We need to fund our public schools and work to make them better, not funnel funding away to the rich.

Last Name: Godfrey Locality: Loudoun county

I oppose the following bills : 346, 344, 356, 784, 788, 1024, 1025, 982. The Virginia Constitution provides for state funding and state support for public schools. Any state monies, tax credits, scholarships that go to private schools, lab schools, charter schools are taking away from the State’s duty to fund public education. We have never been able to fully meet the need for funds for public school renovation, a desperate need in many school districts. Now is the wrong time to take on state funding of private education.

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Please move to report HB201, HB333, HB649, HB873, HB1024.

Last Name: Woodruff Organization: Home School Legal Defense Association Locality: Purcellville

Home School Legal Defense Association opposes HB 333 because it will authorize government money to flow to home school families. Where government money goes, government control will eventually follow. This bill is a long-term threat to the continued freedom to homeschool. A similar bill is pending in another state, and the state's superintendent of public instruction said: "If we start giving homeschoolers state money, there’s got to be state accountability.” Source:

Last Name: Waddell Locality: Suffolk

I am a wife, mother, educator and resident of the city of Suffolk and I oppose these bills (including HB788, which was not on the list) because k-12 vouchers do not improve student outcomes. They take much needed money from public education. Virginia needs to put more money into public education, not less. We are current ranked 41st for per student spending. Our teacher salaries are nowhere near where they should be and we are currently suffering from a teacher shortage. There are numerous studies (Brookings Institute, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Virginia) that show vouchers do not improve student outcomes. Investing in public schools improves outcomes, graduation and post secondary enrollment. Vote no on these bills. Thank you. Mrs. D. Waddell

Last Name: Flinn Locality: Chesterfield

I oppose HB8. It appears to be another effort to introduced "armed mentors" into our public schools. This is a terrible idea. Many children are frightened of guns and don't feel safe when they are around. Virginia's schools don't need to be made into a police state.

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