Public Comments for: HB313 - Public school buses; new buses to be equipped with seat belts.
Last Name: Wilson Locality: Midlothian

Why are we discussing something not to even take place until 2040? Nearly every public school student will no longer be in school. If school bus safety is this important, waiting 18 years is not the answer. This bill should be rejected as is. If not already, perform a public transportation study on all reported bus crash/accident incidents for the past 10-20 years. Look at the percentage of these incidents wherein seatbelts could have saved lives or reduced significant injuries. Bus rollovers would count as high priority for seatbelts. Water submersions would count as low priority for seatbelts so students can escape. Most crashes are fender-benders and with additional padding on seats and internally on the sides, would likely prevent or reduce the overwhelming vast majority of injuries as well as be more likely to be implemented far before 18 years from now.

Last Name: Corcelius Organization: FEA-VEA-NEA Locality: Fairfax

Greetings legislators, I support HB313 as it promotes the safety and well-being of our students who are being transported to and from school by our transportation staff. I have personally wondered since my school days why school buses do not have seatbelts? Not only is this safety measure needed for our students, but also for our bus drivers. I am glad that Krizek is taking the initiative to change something that should have been implemented long ago. Thank you for promoting the safety and well-being of our students and our bus drivers. Please support HB313. Thank you for reading this message.

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