Public Comments for: HB1093 - Public elementary and secondary education; cultural competency training.
Last Name: Watkins Locality: Reston

To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for the opportunity to comment on HB 1034. As a public high school school teacher and parent of two young children (ages 5 and 2) in Virginia, I have serious concerns that this bill will wind up doing more harm than good for the children of our state. I have worked in two different public school systems in Virginia over 13 years, and I have seen first hand how beneficial counseling services can be to a wide variety of students. If parents are allowed to prohibit their students from accessing counseling services in the school, these students may be cut off from not only critical mental health support, but but also the academic, career, and community support that school counselors and mental health team members provide. All members of a school mental health team must undergo rigorous education before obtaining their licenses, and as such they should be trusted as the professionals they are to provide only services that they deem necessary for students well-being. I strongly urge you to let the trained mental health professionals do their jobs. Don't make students get tied in the mire of adult squibbles. Thank you, Sara Watkins Mother Teacher Concerned Virginia Citizen

Last Name: Watkins Locality: Reston

To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for the opportunity to comment on HB HB1032. As a public high school school teacher and parent of two young children (ages 5 and 2) in Virginia, I have serious concerns that this bill will wind up doing more harm than good for the children of our state. As VA Senator Peterson said on January 27 of this year, regarding a similar bill, "I don't think we should be involved in micromanaging school libraries...The problem is that you’re going to sweep up books that you don’t intend to sweep up" (Matthew Barakat, I strongly urge you to leave the books in the libraries for the kids. They deserve to have the opportunity to decide with their own parents and personal support systems what books to read. Thank you, Sara Watkins Mother Teacher Concerned Virginia Citizen

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Please move to report HB344, HB346, HB356, HB789, HB1188, HB221, HB340, HB1125, HB1215, HB988, HB1023, HB1093. Please gently PBI HB486 so that academic merits ONLY decide who gets in.

Last Name: Bentle Organization: Fairfax Education Assocation Locality: Fairfax, Herndon

Both I (a public school teacher in Fairfax County) and the Virginia Education Association OPPOSE HB 1093. This bill is proposing that several amendments are made to 22.1-253.13:5 and 22.1-298.7 of the Code of Virginia, such that the cultural competency training part of teacher, principal, and superintendent evaluations is OPTIONAL rather than required. As I teacher, I know to hold the highest expectations of all my students and to NEVER lower the rigor. Removing the requirement of cultural competency training is the antithesis of the movement to employ highly effective educators. How can I and others be effective with lower standards?

Last Name: Lamb Locality: Portsmouth

As a public school teacher I support this bill to end such a horrendous law against students and teachers. Thank you.

Last Name: Webb Locality: Covington

I support this bill to make Culturally Responsive Training optional for teachers. Our teachers have varying opinions and backgrounds - forcing them to not only attend this training but to adhere to and agree to this training - is not appropriate for any one this day and age. If we want diversity in our schools - it begins with diversity in learning and teaching from different backgrounds and beliefs. I strongly support this bill and hope you will too. Allow our teachers their opinion and varying beliefs so we can promote critical thinking skills rather than group think in our schools.

Last Name: Sapountzis Locality: Haymarket VA

Please pass this bill to make this training optional. Keep politics and controversial topics out of schools.

Last Name: Maness Locality: Haymarket

Please vote NO on HB1093 Absolutely NO on CRI!!!! Everything about this is wrong and will hurt our children. If you care about them no is the only way. CRI will devastate these kids.

Last Name: Jensen Locality: Bristow

I am in support of HB1093. Schools are meant to teach reading, writing, math, history, etc. I do not support indoctrinating our youth by teaching that one culture or race is better than the other, and that one is oppressed and one is the oppressor. Culturally responsive training is 100% Critical Race theory and should NOT be taught in schools.

Last Name: VanDerhoff Locality: Springfield

I am a teacher in Fairfax County and I am writing to urge you to vote no on HB 1093. This bill removes the requirement that school boards train their staff in cultural competency. As educators, it is our duty to seek to better understand our students and how to serve them. Cultural competency training is one of the many strategies we have in place to help us achieve this. We cannot undo the equity progress we have made in the Commonwealth by making this training optional. Please oppose this bill.

Last Name: Jones Locality: Loudoun

I’m a Loudoun county mother of two students in the public school system. I do NOT support HB1093 as it gives the school board the ability to take away cultural competency training and evaluation. Cultural competency is currently required, as it should be. It is critical that we have educators and school board members who support equity and understand cultural differences. Our children deserve to be seen and supported. We need educators who value diversity and respect cultural differences. Please do not vote in favor of this bill; please put our children (and yours) in mind and vote to keep cultural competency as a statewide requirement so that each of child has a safe learning environment where they are embraced for being themselves.

Last Name: Noggle Locality: Middleburg

HB988- Vote NO on this bill. It is a big step backwards in the progress towards protection, empathy and compassion, greatly needed by transgender students, who have the highest rate of suicide of any group. HB1093-Vote NO on this bill. Cultural competency training is needed because teachers and students are citizens of the world. Understanding and embracing the richness of all cultures opens minds and builds empathy, inclusion and acceptance. It cannot be optional.

Last Name: Green Locality: Loudoun

Support. There is only one culture in this country. People assimilate to this country, people just didn't change geography, they changed countries. Teachers should be there to help children assimilate, of course, and offer ENGLISH language classes to parents and students.

Last Name: Whitt Locality: Covington

I choose to support optional training cultural competency. Parents choice should follow this bill just like what Governor Youngkin signed to allow parent choice of wearing masks at school. Schools are meant to teach reading writing math history etc. I feel cultural competency teaches things that are not equal to all race or ethnicities. We are a Christian based family that we teach how to treat others without dramatizing differences. I don’t want my child taught your criteria without my religious aspects attached. Since you have taken religion from the schools, this does makes your teachings acceptable in my household. We have gotten too worried about offending someone instead of standing up for what is right in Gods eyes. This is what our country was founded on. Slowly you are removing everything religion from the American people, you are removing patriotism, and infringing on my right as a parent to teach my child culture as I see fit! Thank you

Last Name: Edick Locality: Norfolk

I am writing in support of HB 1093,which is to remove the requirement for culturally responsive training for educators. This requirement as it stands now is that the training must be completed every two years. As an educator for over 30 years who has taught in Title 1 schools with students who are not predominately not Causasian, i do not support the indoctrination of our youth by teaching one culture is better than the other and other cultures are repressed. My students have been successful no matter the color of their skin. Students need to be taught to work hard and do their best to be successful. This culturally responsive training is another way to say critical race theory. Our job as educators is to donjust that educate the kids. Teach them how to read, write, become proficient in mathematics and learn about and from history. My job is not to teach them to hate each other. In all my over 30 years race has not been made an issue in any of my classrooms. I foster acceptance. Let us keep it that way.

Last Name: Henshaw-Anderson Locality: Powhatan

I oppose this bill. Teachers need more training in mathematics instead of cultural competency.

Last Name: Fisher Locality: Chantilly

Cultural competency training is compelled speech. It is a political theory that is masquerading as accepted public policy. It is not accepted public policy. Cultural competency, or culturally responsive education, is a bankrupt set of ideas that were laundered through the academy. Culturally responsive education is 100% grounded critical race theory. This is beyond dispute as affirmed on multiple occasions by its creator, Gloria Ladson-Billings herself. Here you can watch Ms. Ladson-Billings admit this in her own words that culturally responsive education is grounded in CRT: Ms. Ladson-Billings was also a large player in establishing the Northam administration's Ed Equity initiative, which is also steeped in critical race, gender, and queer theories. Teachers should not be required to attend training that requires them to teach from these controversial and easily falsifiable political theories. Nor should these theories be used as the basis for any pedagogical approach here in the Commonwealth.

Last Name: Fuller Organization: None Locality: Haymarket

Dear Sirs, First, I appreciate the requirement that School Boards planning on implementing this training and accredidation do so only "but only after providing 30 days' advanced written notice of and holding a public hearing regarding the adoption and implementation of such policies." The nature of this training if done IAW the previous VDOE guidance would be to require teachers to demonstrate their fealty to a ideology developed by a series of avowed Marxists including Professor Gloria Ladson-Billings (See: One of the CRT advocates who provided instruction on the design of the CRT/Instruction program is Ms. Maria Burgos who recently admitted on a video that CRTeaching is based at least in part on Maxsim. Parents need a chance to have a discussion before this is implemented. The advocates of this program are all hard left progressives, and the designers are Critical Theory Adherents(neo-Marxists) (see: If I could improve this bill, it would be to require School Boards to have a hearing and or a Townhall to present the proposal to the public and to allow for a Q&A to explain the assumption and science that supports the proposal. The assumption that this is required is that Virginia and the SB jurisdictions are systemically racist. That is not true based on the facts from the Census and VDOE. There is about a 3% graduation rate difference between black and Caucasian children. In almost all cases n VA where black children do poorly, so do Caucasian children. This whole program is based on a lie that deserves to be exposed to parents.

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