Public Comments for: HB1041 - Higher educational institutions, public; in-state tuition, children of active duty service members.
Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Please move to report HB357, HB732, HB1041, HB1333. Thank you.

Last Name: Elicia Carter McCall Locality: Virginia Beach, Virginia

We support HB1047 ! HB1047 Provides that no student who needs or uses augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), shall be denied the opportunity for inclusion in regular classrooms or the provision of age-appropriate instruction on the basis that such student may require support with AAC. 1) Says that a student who needs or uses AAC cannot be denied access to regular classrooms or age-appropriate academic instruction on the basis that the student needs support with AAC; 2) Says IQ scores cannot be used to decide whether the student can be provided with AAC at school; and 3) Says that school staff will be provided timely training in how to support a student’s use of AAC, and in how to design instruction to accommodate their unique communication access needs. 4) As defined in the bill, "augmentative and alternative communication" or "AAC" means any device, tool, support, or service, or any combination thereof, that facilitates any form of communication, other than oral speech, that can be used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. 5) We believe any way that a student communicates should be supported.

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