Public Comments for: SB1262 - Restricted permit; prepayment of fines and costs.
Last Name: McDermott Organization: Faces and Voice of Recovery (FAVOR) of Virginia Locality: Maidens

I call your attention to the above referenced bill SB1262 (Restricted permit; prepayment of fines and costs) asking for your support as it comes before you. This legislation could have the benefit of impacting thousands of individuals who cannot drive to and from work due to the burden of court costs/fines, especially those in early recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) as they attempt to clear wreckage from their past. As an individual in sustained continuous SUD recovery for over 29 years, I know firsthand the importance of driving privileges and being a useful productive member of society. Further burdening folks with barriers to self-sufficiency is counterproductive to social quality. Thank you for your consideration of my humble personal perspective in this matter, and for your valued selfless service to our Commonwealth.

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