Public Comments for: HB808 - Support orders; income withholding order, employer fees.
Last Name: Ford Locality: Newport News

Enactment of HB808 is needed to clarify that the “$5” is the maximum amount, not the only amount allowed. It is important in the case of large employers having large numbers of employees, like my employer, Huntington Ingalls/Newport News Shipbuilding, who has over 20,000 employees and is charging the $5 fee because they believe that is the only amount they can charge. Last year, 2021, I paid $260 to my employer in “support fees”. Multiply that by the number of employees paying this on our large payroll, and the “support fee” revenue totals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Much more than is required to cover the administrative costs. Currently, my employer’s hands are tied because even if they wanted to charge a lower amount than $5, they can not because of the wording of the code and the unwillingness of any government agency to put in writing that it’s ok to charge any amount up to $5. I don’t expect them to do it for free, but I would like them to have the opportunity to charge less than $5, if they can see they’re way clear to do so.

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