Public Comments for: HB797 - Community service work in lieu of payment of fines and costs; underpaid work.
Last Name: Johnson Locality: James City County

I do not support any bills that criminalize folks

Last Name: Fatehi Organization: Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney (and others) Locality: Norfolk, VA

HB612 -- Support. Class 1 misdemeanor punishment is more than sufficient for punitive purposes and does not civilly disable people via a felony conviction. HB619 -- Support. It is entirely possible that an individual could be in possession of drug paraphernalia with drug residue on it and never have possessed the drugs themselves. This bill addressed that scenario and forecloses a wrongful conviction on that basis. HB797 -- People in prison are paid pennies on the dollar for their work, and they owe non-waivable court costs on their release. Simple fairness calls for at least giving them the fair value of their wage as an offset against costs that are assessed regardless of indigency or degree of culpability. A basic human-rights measure. HB799 -- At the pennies on the dollar that people in prison are paid, it is impossible for them to make a meaningful effort to pay court costs. It is unfair to compound their regressive taxation by charging them interest for nonpayment that is by definition beyond their control.

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