Public Comments for: HB661 - Capital murder; death penalty for willful, deliberate, etc., killing of a law-enforcement officer.
Last Name: Burke Locality: Charlottesville

Death penalty prosecutions are the most costly in the Commonwealth. The overwhelming majority do not even end in a death sentence. Beyond that, there is no evidence to show that statutes permitting capital punishment for certain offenses does anything to curb, reduce, or said offenses. So what would this law do? It would not make anyone safer, including law enforcement officers despite the veil of protection it may feel like it provides. It would simply cost all of us a lot of money (up front to prosecute a capital case, in appeals, and in possible wrongful conviction lawsuits). It's simply not worth it, beyond the moral reprehensibility of the death penalty.

Last Name: Jones Locality: Hanover County

As a Law Enforcement Officer, I feel that it is pertinent that we have a Capital Punishment for a Capital Crime. Why, I feel this, because my life matters and when you go out and serve the citizens and apprehend criminals, especially the worst of the worst. I also feel that we need consistencies for the killing of LEO’s, so we curve or hopefully stop these senseless acts. (People should not fear Law Enforcement, but we need this to show these “criminals” that they will die, if they kill a cop.)

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