Public Comments for: HB378 - Jury duty; allowance increase.
Last Name: Moon Locality: Roanoke

I am in full support of SB 378 as a victim of a violent tragedy, I can say that this bill does not free people who have committed horrible crimes. This bill allows individuals to apply for reconsideration. The courts review the charges, the sentence. and the behavior and it allows victims like my brother and I to have a say. This bill allows my cousin to get a second look after serving 15 years on a drug crime. Yes this bill will allow our fathers killer to petition after he serves 15 years, if he has changed and meets the qualifications, however we have confidence that will not happen. He will not have met those qualifications in 15 years. This is about individuals some change, some will not, I do not see a problem with allowing the originating court to look at a case and decide if it is still a just sentence. The Nay'sayers who use extreme cases to discourage, need to read this bill, its not parole, its not a get out after 10 law. As a graduate in political science and having a brother who is a United States Marine I would like to encourage you to please vote yes on SB 378, if we can trust the courts then you should as well. Trust the courts that sentenced these people. The ones who qualify to petition the court deserve a second look, its just a look, so trust the judges and the courts, give them a chance.

Last Name: Nicholls Locality: Chesapeake

Please move to report HB13, 378, 677, 1066, and especially for 1080. Thank you.

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