Public Comments for: HB1015 - Protective orders; workplace violence.
Last Name: Lawson Organization: H.E.A.L. of Virginia Locality: Grayson

I would appreciate if you take in consideration my thoughts on these bulls especially 1080. This would harm innocent children and families their are 13,000 children on sex offender registries in Virginia...What do you plan to do with them their parents can go in a shelter but a child is excluded. Also a single parent who has a requirement to register stays outside and children are took inside unattended. Please consider this bill as not a wise choice

Last Name: Lawson Organization: H.E.A.L. Locality: Independence

I oppose multiple bills that have made it to the house the one bill regarding Emergency Sex Offenders is the most absurd bill I have ever heard in my life. No one is going to be worried about sexual offending in a State of Emergency number one. For example Dad is on a registry and he has three children who are accepted inside without supervision while dad is kept outside in the storm or natural catastrophe. When you pass bills like this your punishing innocent children and families. What about people who committed murder or child abusers are they treated the same? You Senators and delegates got this wrong and this is harmful to innocent families and children. Now let's talk about the 13,000 children on Sex Offender Registries in Virginia some as young as 7 years of age so Mom , Dad and entire family is allowed in but the child is made to stand outside during a castophre alone and sacred while his or her family are allowed inside these laws are based off fear and gives a false sense of security to the general public. Sex Offense is to broad, urination in public is a registable offense as a Violent Sex Offender, Reprorting a Sex Crime will land you on a Violent Sex Offender Registry such is my sistuation. Please reconsider the harm the harm of this bill

Last Name: Achin Organization: Father's Rights Locality: Woodbridge

This should be linked with HB 572 as well. I am a father who has been taken advantage of by the system for the sole reason that he left the mother. No amicable resolution was possible, and no had to force me to support my child; I did so voluntarily and thoroughly, paying well over $1,000 a month on a schoolteacher's salary. Did the court force the mother to respect the visitation and custody arrangement she had agreed to? No. They enabled her, made excuses for her, and consistently prioritized her needs over the child's. I fought both the ex and the court so my daughter could see me. The court consistently gave more visitation hours, only to refuse to enforce them, effectively depriving me of all visitation. Years later, in 2018, I was accused of and wrongly convicted of a felony and was unable to pay. Boy, did the law come down on me! I had to liquidate retirement to pay back child support, with interest. Even when the formula changed in 2014, they came back at me, and I paid. I paid for all autism treatments prior to that. I had to work 5 jobs, while my ex worked 5-10 hours per week. In 2020, the court decided that it didn't matter that I can't find employment due to my felony, or that I was underemployed. I had to create a miracle somehow. Now, you are about to hand them another cudgel with which to beat fathers like me. There should be no interest whatsoever; this serves not to compensate the child, but a particularly vicious brand of mother. The interest cessation should be retroactive in some fashion.

Last Name: Fox Organization: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Locality: Albemarle County

I'm a volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and I support this bill.

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