Public Comments for: HB904 - Pound, Town of; repealing Charter, effective date.
Last Name: Trivett Locality: Ashland

Thank you for opportunity to speak against HB904. I’m Steve Trivett, a resident of Ashland VA. I live six hours from Pound. Why do I care? Because, I’m 10 years into serving on Ashland’s Town Council and in my 2nd term as Mayor. I’m also in my 2nd term as VML’s Town Section Chair and of course, a citizen of a Town, so towns matter to me and I hope towns also matter to you. Pound has elected their own local officials for about 80 years- they value their Town. Even with well-intention elected official’s best efforts hampered by Council peer discord and dysfunction, they all still value their town. True that poor management by past Pound leaders have compounded today’s challenges and that is indeed not fair to the citizens of Pound. But, repealing their Charter negates Pound’s future on account of past errors and that is also not fair to the citizens and businesses of Pound. Del. Kilgore has shared about news accounts of their floundering, but just as they are starting to get a grip on a lifeline, HB904 would drown Pound right out of existence. This bill purports to give Pound a year. Indeed, Chief Patron, Del. Kilgore, characterizes it a wake-up call to the Town. Well then, message received, so give Pound a year to fix what’s wrong without this duress. Del. Pillion, Pound’s Delegate, can monitor their progress this next year. If it's failure instead, he can take up Pound’s demise in 2023. But for now, there’s a better way to assist Pound. I’ve been talking to some of Pound’s past and current leaders and following their challenges for a couple of years. There’s plenty of determination in Pound to carry out a ‘re-set’ for accountability and positive performance for Council, Mayor, and citizens alike. Numerous ‘friends of Pound’ such as myself, will be offering our support to their task as well. Please allow a chance to accomplish their re-set! Another serious impact of HB904- this bill raises serious concerns about protections and connections within relationship between each Town and County all over Virginia as it very much favors a County by dooming a Town.

Last Name: Mullins Locality: Town of Pound, Va. Corporate Limits

hb904 Repeal This a continuation from my previous comments: 9). Mayor Carson has made the comment numerous times she is very well competent of being the Mayor of Pound, Va. She was a Military Mayor, Ms. Carson was never in the Military, she was a military spouse. Each housing area has it a Mayor of their own. The definition of a Military Mayor is as follows;The Mayor is a Liaison from housing to the the Commanding General of the post to ensure the Soldiers housing is order upon deployment and redeployment. She also would plan functions for the Soldiers. Sounds to me like she was just a planner! 10.) She has said numerous times that she has volunteered her time to make the Town Hall a presentable place for the community and not getting paid a penny for anything. Well the Town of Pound put her on the payroll making $300.00 per week, whether she was present or not. She resigned at her own will when she lost a FOIA request to attorney Tim McAfee. She was taken to court. How can she be a professional and make decisions for the Town of Pound when she couldn't answer a request? 11.) Ms. Carson fraternizes with the female community service worker in the town. The worker has made the comment around the citizens that the Mayor sure is good to her, she buys her lunch everyday. 12.) A keyless entry was placed at the Town Hall from door, The locksmith that was called didn't have the correct tools to fix the door, said he would have to come back a week later to repair it. Chief Wilcox, said we the have someone that can repair it. He called an ex-council member that is not a locksmith is a gunsmith by trade. So how could this individual by qualified to install the lock? The citizens found this out in the December 2021 meeting. 13.) They have been gofundme accounts set up to assist the Mayor with her personal law suit against the citizens petition trying to remove her from office. The fund was for her personal gain. Another gofundme account was set up when the 10 residents took the Town of Pound to court over an illegal appointment in September. The gofundme accounts was set up by the same individual. 14.) Donations were solicited for the Town of Pound Christmas parade in 2020, I do wonder if any receipts were kept specifying where the money went, if the citizens and business were given receipts? If not, how was that money spent and where? 15.) Ms. Carson also reported in a town council meeting that she has 2 individuals assist her in sending out Town of Pound water bills? So those individuals volunteered their time and had access to the account numbers and personal information for the citizens at the request of Mayor Stacey Carson.16.) During Public expression, individuals are allowed to speak in support of the Mayor that doesn't even live in corporation, and they are making decisions that our tax money is spent for. They should have no say so in how he Town is operated. Very seldom you may have a tax paying citizens speak. 17.) The Mayor has sabotaged prior and prior council members, employees, Police Department, public works and Attorneys to benefit herself and her ways. The town is not getting any better. You as our lawmakers were voted on by the citizens of the Commonwealth to help citizens. Support the Wise County Board of Supervisors. The Town of Pound isn't getting any better, I am asking each of to please reconsider hb904, and vote to repeal the Town of Pound Charter on July 01, 2023.

Last Name: Mullins Locality: Town of Pound, Pound, Va, Corporate Limits

Dignitaries, Legislatures and Elected Officials: I am contacting you today in hopes that you will pass hb904 and repeal the Town of Pound before July 01, 2023. I have listed information that you may be unaware of. 1.) Mayor Stacey Carson has no regard to Virginia Law, She currently drives a black hummer with illegal tint and expired Virginia tags effective Sept. 21. 2.) Sending out checks the bank will not honor. 3.) Shut down Town of Pound Government during the peak of tax season. I received my Real Estate Taxes in October 2021. The due date to have them paid was November 30, 2021. I made several trips to the Town Hall they were a sign on the door, Town Hall offices closed per Mayor Stacey Carson. Her cell phone number was listed by she didn't answer it. I have yet to receive my personal property taxes. 4.) What exactly is my Tax Money going for. We have no Water, Sewer or Police protection. The Chief of Police has stated in my meetings, that he was not hired to Patrol, he as hired only to organize the evidence room and that is all he is going to do. He hired Cindy Mullins as his secretary and later gave her the position of Crime Prevention Officer. Exactly what does a Crime Prevention Officer do, she has never been sworn in, she has never went to the school or a business and give them tips on crime prevention. She hasn't implemented "The McGruff" program in the town per Code of Virginia Cha. 868 9-173.17. They are no way even to reach the Police Department, we have to call Wise County Sherriff's Department for assistance of needed. It has taken since July 2021 to organize an evidence room by 2 people. They are not at the Town Hall so you can speak to them,. Sounds like someone is wasting Town Funds. 5.) Ms. Carson is continuously down grading or emergency services in the town. I hope and pray our Emergency Services ie Fire and Rescue continues to give the Town of Pound the excellent services that provide the town even with her down grading the departments. 6.) Miss Carson has placed and continues to place individuals and guests in a hostile environment at council meetings by yelling, screaming, and since July 2020, she has continues to talk bout her being abused. The town has business to conduct and don't need to hear about her personal life. 7.) An ex-council member reported in the December Meeting that he had visited business in Town of Pound and they had written letters to Mayor Carson that they were refusing to pay their taxes until an Audit is completed and they would like to see the results. That seems to me as individuals in the business are refusing to pay taxes. I guess the citizens question is who gave him the authority to do that, or did he take it upon himself? Seems to me that the business owners feels like the citizens, what are they getting for their money? 8.) This town is a disgrace to live in, It is nasty, as an handicap individual you can't even walk on the sidewalk for the uneven concrete, the doors aren't even wide enough to access a wheel chair. The laughing stock of Wise County, Southwest Virginia and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Town of Pound is in newspapers, state and local of the events that are taking place. Just pick up a newspaper and you can read it, how embarrassing is that?

Last Name: Short Organization: Self Locality: Wise County former Pound Resident

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Honorable Delegates, I respectfully ask that you oppose HB 904, repealing Town of Pound’s charter.

Last Name: Crawford Locality: Page

Please save all of Virginias history, by leaving our monuments intact and historic memorabilia on display. The Commonwealths history should not offend anyone who takes the time to understand it and respect the changes that occurred. For instance Virginias State park history, the Commonwealth’s Roadways or the quaint country town with the history of its namesake and deep rooted genealogy of the people who lived there. The Monuments are no different, they speak of times gone by, appreciated by some, disliked by others. Maybe they are a symbol that change is needed and to remind us to do so, whatever the cause, our history brought us to this day in time. We need to respect each other’s heritage and appreciate how each native Virginian helped to shape all of us. Respectfully, Alan Crawford

Last Name: Gilliam Locality: Virginia Beach

I am writing to respectfully ask that you not support HB904. The town has been besieged with many problems over the last few years. Most of these can be attributed to a few people that have served in the town council that turned a blind eye to mounting issues. There are many people in the town that have and are currently trying to turn the situation around. It will be a monumental task. This is a situation that will have to be monitored closely but, I believe it can be accomplished without the drastic measure of rescinding the town's charter. Thank you.

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