Public Comments for: HB862 - Public defender; supplementing compensation.
Last Name: Crawford Locality: Page

Please save all of Virginias history, by leaving our monuments intact and historic memorabilia on display. The Commonwealths history should not offend anyone who takes the time to understand it and respect the changes that occurred. For instance Virginias State park history, the Commonwealth’s Roadways or the quaint country town with the history of its namesake and deep rooted genealogy of the people who lived there. The Monuments are no different, they speak of times gone by, appreciated by some, disliked by others. Maybe they are a symbol that change is needed and to remind us to do so, whatever the cause, our history brought us to this day in time. We need to respect each other’s heritage and appreciate how each native Virginian helped to shape all of us. Respectfully, Alan Crawford

Last Name: Gruber Organization: Virginia People’s Party Locality: Arlington

The right of accused persons to due process is one of the most fundamental rights enshrined in the US Constitution. Public defenders are vital guardians of that right. About four put of five criminal defendants nationwide are represented by a public defender. These legal professionals work tirelessly to defend the rights of those they represent, and are often managing large caseloads with few resources at their disposal. It stands to reason that our public defenders should be adequately compensated for the work they do. Given the obscene amounts of money our cities, counties, and municipalities spend on policing and prosecution, guaranteeing equal compensation for public defenders is the least our commonwealth can do to protect the constitutional right to a fair trial.

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