Public Comments for: HB729 - Vacant building; registration.
Last Name: Crawford Locality: Page

Please save all of Virginias history, by leaving our monuments intact and historic memorabilia on display. The Commonwealths history should not offend anyone who takes the time to understand it and respect the changes that occurred. For instance Virginias State park history, the Commonwealth’s Roadways or the quaint country town with the history of its namesake and deep rooted genealogy of the people who lived there. The Monuments are no different, they speak of times gone by, appreciated by some, disliked by others. Maybe they are a symbol that change is needed and to remind us to do so, whatever the cause, our history brought us to this day in time. We need to respect each other’s heritage and appreciate how each native Virginian helped to shape all of us. Respectfully, Alan Crawford

Last Name: Bateman Organization: Virginia First Cities Coalition Locality: Richmond City

The Virginia First Cities supports HB 729 and urges its adoption. Our member cities have reported that maintaining a vacant building registry would be most helpful to them as they work so diligently to preserve and promote strong, vibrant cities that are well-maintained and sustaining. The passage of this bill will help enable that, so we hope that you will please pass this bill and advance it through the process.

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