Public Comments for: HB38 - Constitutional officers; appointed deputies, dual office holding.
Last Name: Vaught Locality: Rural Retreat

Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I appreciate the opportunity to provide my thoughts on HB38 before you today. My name is Brian W. Vaught and I am a 25 year veteran of Law Enforcement with the last 19 years serving as a Deputy Sheriff. Additionally I have had the honor of being duly elected 3 times, once to the Rural Retreat Town Council and twice to the Wythe County Board of Supervisors, where I currently preside as Chairman. Because of this I am keenly aware of the Conflict of Interest laws just as I am of other criminal, civil, and traffic laws that I use in my full time job. Because I take my Oath(s) of Office seriously, I have always made sure I have been in compliance with these Conflict of Interest laws and although not required by these laws I have refused over $6,500 in locally funded pay raises as a Deputy Sheriff because of a promise to my constituents when I first ran, despite abstaining on the vote to give them as required. As a Deputy Sheriff I interact with almost every aspect of our community and I feel like this helps me to be a good representative when making decisions as a Board member. In rural Southwest Virginia it is becoming harder and harder to find qualified, dedicated candidates. Some of our past elections have had no candidates on the ballot for open seats. This bill would add to this problem and I would ask that you vote against reporting it from committee. In closing I would like to Thank You for your time listening to my concerns and Thank You your service to this great Commonwealth.

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