Public Comments for: HB164 - Colonial Beach, Town of; amending charter, appointment of chief of police.
Last Name: Schrad Organization: Va Assn of Chiefs of Police Locality: Hanover

The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police supports B 164. Transferring the hiring and supervisior of the police chief to the Colonial Beach town manager is consistent with the professional management practices of almost all localities in the Commonwealth, and depoliticizes the position of Chief of Police.

Last Name: Adams-Jacobs Organization: Town of Colonial Locality: Colonial Beach

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Honorable Chair Morefield and Members of the Committee: Enclosed you will find the Town of Colonial Beach's legislative agenda packet, which includes the resolution adopting the legislative agenda and the resolution supporting this charter change request. On behalf of the Town of Colonial Beach, we respectfully request support and passing of HB 164, which provides that the chief of police for the Town of Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the town manager, rather than the town council. The Town Council would like to thank Delegate Ransone for sponsoring this bill. Very Respectfully, India Adams-Jacobs, MPA

Last Name: Thomas M. Moncure, Jr. Organization: Town Council Locality: Colonial Beach

The Charter Amendment passed Town Council unanimously. It is our opinion that having the Chief of Police reporting to the Town Manager rather than the Council will provide unity of command and guidance, and will enhance the Chief’s ability to provide for the safety and protection of the people of Colonial Beach.

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