Public Comments for: HB708 - Virginia Electric Vehicle Grant Program; use of state funds.
Last Name: Pender Organization: Chesapeake Climate Action Network Locality: Hampton

The Virginia Electric Grant Program has provided numerous grants, donations, and bequests to Virginia to help ease the transition for turning diesel school bus fleets into electric. Once Virginia has an electric school bus program, we will be the only state in the Union with a program designed for school districts to implement ESBs equitably and with good fiscal sense. Also, the program focuses on areas with high asthma rates and low air quality, ensuring equitable access to schools in low-income or rural areas. This state administered program will make Virginia school districts more appealing to federal funding and create a blueprint for other states to follow. As home to the second largest fleet in the country, Virginia can and should be a leader on this issue. And it is for these reasons that CCAN Action Fund supports bill HB708.

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